Mike Pearl

People have told me my reporter’s beat is “despair” or “the apocalypse.” I get why. I tend to write about war and climate change, etc… But I just see myself as someone who writes about the future.

I try not to use Twitter, but I do post something decent there from time to time, usually about movies and music, but sometimes about climate.

I’m from California’s Inland Empire. I studied screenwriting in college. I worked as an internet marketer for a couple years. Then I got a job writing for VICE.com, where I discovered I like writing about hypothetical future events. I’ve also written about the apocalypse for other websites and publications. And now I’ve written a book.

My fiancee, Paige, is a TV writer. We have a chihuahua named Lilo (after this Disney character, not Leeloo  character from The Fifth Element).