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‘Climate Despair’ Is Making People Give Up on Life – Vice

Whatever you call it, this is undeniably a real condition, if not one with a set of formal diagnostic criteria. (It may reach that status—it took decades for “burnout” to be declared an official “occupational phenomenon” by the World Health Organization.) It’s impossible to know how many people like Ruttan Walker have experienced climate despair as a mental health crisis, but despair is all around us: in our own momentary but intense reactions to the latest bit of climate news, in pitch-black memes and jokes about human extinction, even in works of philosophy and literature. There is now a fringe group of scientists and writers who not only take our imminent doom as an article of faith, but seem to welcome it.

The Boomer Humor Writers Warned Us About All of This – The Outline

Every white-knuckle, life-or-death, high-stakes current event shows up again and again in these books, except when it does, the author then says something to the effect of “they’ve gotta be kidding me!” and at the time it was all a barrel of laughs to read. I remember that being the case, even if — tragically — there’s not enough nostalgia power in the world to get me back into that headspace.

We Interviewed Nicolas Cage Using Only Nicolas Cage Movie Quotes – Vice

VICE: You think fish have dreams? (Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, 2009)
Nicolas Cage: You know something? I don’t want to begin to pretend to know about the ichthyological world, and what they are thinking, but, man, I have been to an aquarium here in Las Vegas and I was with a girl, and three panther groupers came to stare at her. There were millions of fish in that aquarium, and they all came to look at her. I have no idea to this day why, except maybe she was wearing a shirt that had black-and-white, and they have black-and-white polka dots. Maybe they were attracted to the way she was dressed, or maybe they had a dream about her! And there was their little mermaid on the other side of the aquarium, and they were giving her some sort of telepathic… who knows. I don’t know. It was wild. So maybe they do have dreams.